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This is Y.M. Masson's sixth novel, another intriguing look into the lives of those struggling against Nazi Germany. On her way to England in 1940 when she was eighteen, Kate— daughter of European diplomats—was strafed by German aircraft, but refused to accept that she was part of the war. Later, horrified by the sight of the victims of the German bombing of London she had helped rescue, she decided to contribute to the British war effort. Because she did not believe that killing was the only way to resolve a conflict, she focused her efforts on saving lives; she risked her own to gather intelligence on the Nazis’ plans and schemes to subjugate Europe. She never fired a shot, but listened to those who had the critical data, which she then provided to the British government and the Allies to help them win the war.


Y.M. Masson


Bruce Borich cover

Publication Date

August 2023



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Just Listen