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The Last Skinweaver

by W.G. Hladkyy

To escape his father’s despotic claw, Roge Callan changes his name to serve as a sergeant under a banished RangerKnight. They live among former enemies, the Skinweavers, who seek help to find a path out of their barbaric tribal past.
But the benevolent Widow Witches and their sentient Yetis have gone missing, and only someone with Widow Witch blood can find and rescue them. Unbeknownst to Roge, he has the blood and is the League of American Castles’ only option. In a hobbled and sabotaged swiftship called the Drunken Stork, Roge pulls together a small crew of misfits and travels from Mitteleuropa to Russia to the Middle Kingdom. They confront along the way ambushers, pestilence, vicious chimeric predators and titanic storms.
However, Roge is not the only one with problems…

Just Listen

by Y.M. Masson

This is Y.M. Masson's sixth novel, another intriguing look into the lives of those struggling against Nazi Germany. On her way to England in 1940 when she was eighteen, Kate— daughter of European diplomats—was strafed by German aircraft, but refused to accept that she was part of the war. Later, horrified by the sight of the victims of the German bombing of London she had helped rescue, she decided to contribute to the British war effort. Because she did not believe that killing was the only way to resolve a conflict, she focused her efforts on saving lives; she risked her own to gather intelligence on the Nazis’ plans and schemes to subjugate Europe. She never fired a shot, but listened to those who had the critical data, which she then provided to the British government and the Allies to help them win the war.

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by Uli Schackmann

In May 2017, Uli Schackmann and her loyal canine companion, Jackson, took off on a six-thousand-mile solo bicycle trip from Alaska to Key West, Florida, to raise money and bring attention to the cause of HIV/AIDS. What began as a daring dream-come-true quickly became a physically and emotionally challenging adventure as Uli battled her own fears and the elements, surviving encounters with bears, rattlesnakes, cougars, and other wildlife. However, her most profound and life-changing encounters were with the people she met along the way—complete strangers who exhibited to Uli, a gay woman and a U.S. immigrant, both the best and the worst of humanity during a very divided time in America.

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