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Dizzy’s Busy Day

by Bruce Borich

Dizzy is our cocker poodle and he definitely has a story that needed to be shared. This is a perfect book for kids ages 7-9. There are places to draw and write about pets, real, future or imaginary. This book is available on Amazon with FREE shipping, go to:


If you have a group or a class that wants to order multiple copies, contact us directly at info@middleriverpress.com for a 25% discount. And remember, $1 for each copy sold goes to the Broward County Humane Society.


Kane County Florida

by E.J. Walsh

The suntanned and bikinied beaches of coastal Florida are wondrous tourist attractions, but there is a vastly different Florida. Just an hour’s drive inland, the Florida Everglades offer a very different world—a world of primordial natural beauty, bountiful harvests, trophy fishing and hunting, menacing beasts, and rattlesnake-fast violence. This is the world that urban Florida Assistant State Attorney Jamie MacAdams is challenged to confront. MacAdams meets the challenge head on. He witnesses the damning vengeance that is the harvest of corruption and greed. He comes to realize the redemption of love. Go on this journey with him—if you can.

Contact E.J. Walsh for your copy by emailing him at

The Flashfall Sword

by W.G. Hladky

The Flashfall Sword is a prequel to W.G. Hladky’s well-received debut novel, The Book of Ruin. Senior Chief Weir’s great grandsire, Ranger Lovecraft Weir, wields his Flashfall sword in the service of NATO at a time when a Dark Age torments the lands. A deadly pestilence spreads, mutating with terrifying efficiency. Shadowlanders flay enemies and ply women with potions to make them dimwitted and submissive. And young boys undergo grisly rites of passage to teach them to follow the Lord of Putridity. Only NATO keeps the Shadowlanders and pestilence at bay. But when a traitor betrays the alliance, and Shadowlander tribes come together to annihilate all those who are unseeded, NATO must overcome catastrophic losses and face its greatest challenge yet.