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A Lifetime in the Blink of An Eye

by Joel Frankel, MD, with Mark Zagha

Thirteen year old Mark Zagha was curious about his grandfather's life as an immigrant. Mark's curiosity turned into a family history book! You are never too young or too old to document your family story.
"I am sitting on my grandfather’s patio asking questions about his life. He was told throughout the years by many people to write a book about his life experiences. Most thought they were interesting and should be shared beyond his close friends.
I started typing his answers and thoughts as accurately as I could. It was a beautiful sunny day and the two of us enjoy each other’s company. My grandfather’s house is a beautiful spacious home with gorgeous large columns on the patio, flowers and palm trees all along the golf course. I was fascinated with how in-depth he remembered each moment of his life. With all of the information he was sharing we decided to write this book about his life. He titled his book A Lifetime in the Blink of an Eye: Goals, Determination and Will because that is how my grandfather lived his life. My grandfather also told me to remember 'opportunities today may not be available tomorrow.' That thought will stay with me forever."

Odds & Ends

by John Siegfried

Now that I’m in my nineties, fees to a psychiatrist may be futile and my proctologic expenses thankfully are nil. But I do have plenty of time to consider the odds and ends of my life experience—the events and issues that have shaped who I am and that have shaped the world I live in. This is a collection of brief essays and opinion pieces that I have concocted over the past decade or so that I would like to share with my family—and family includes everyone who receives this missal.

Odds & Ends is a private edition and not for sale.


by W.G. Hladky

Drug-addicted Mutilators possess a book of secrets that a master scholar needs to protect his people.
Vicious Skinweavers threaten to flay the pontiff’s abducted nephew.
Inquisitors traumatize a princess’s mind, rendering her useless at the very moment she is negotiating an essential alliance.
Mysterious Sea People raid coastal settlements to increase their stock of slaves.
Only American RangerKnights, post-apocalyptic paladins, have the skills and weaponry to help.
The Andatunisian emir orders his inexperienced son, Prince Asem, to accompany the RangerKnights. Traveling in anti-gravity skimmers, they journey to the Mutilators’ deep winding caverns, a Jihadi-oppressed downtrodden town, the pontiff’s foreboding basilica, New Reykjavik’s colorful market and the Skinweavers’ mountaintop lair.
As Prince Asem grows accustomed to the American ways and closer to RangerKnight Lovell Weir and his close-knit warrior-companions, he is torn between his royal duty and his desire to become an American.
RangerKnights is an action-packed tale of survival, political intrigue, and cross-cultural love and friendship in a diverse post-apocalyptic world.