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Gladys Scratches to the Top

by Written by Nancy Garrett, Illustrated by Dianne Ellis

Gladys, a Black Copper Maran, knows she is destined to be most high hen, but how does she get there? Determination and confidence for sure, but much went into her campaign strategy.
Join Gladys, along with Suzie, a Chester White pig; Freddie, a Border Collie; Ginger, an Embden White goose, and all the other barnyard animals and see what happens. This is a fun book with beautiful illustrations for animal lovers (especially chickens) of all ages.

The Sindia Promise

by Jonathon King

The grounding of the Sindia—sailing from Japan to New York City—was the subject of speculation and conspiracy theories for over a century. Generations of beachgoers watched her shatter and sink until the encroaching sand finally swallowed every trace. How did she come to land here of all places? What was she really carrying? And who came to profit from her demise?

Award winning journalist and author, Jonathon King, spins a fictional tale of one man with the answer. This book is available now, but only from the author. Send an email to jonathonkingbooks@gmail.com to find out more.

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