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    New Releases!

    These authors have books to sell for the holiday season!

    And what great gifts!

    The history of pioneer days in south Florida has generally been concerned with the railroad and hotel building activities of Henry M. Flagler and the early hunters or Indian traders. Rarely has the pioneer woman even been mentioned. This spiral bound book looks like a cookbook but contains much more than contemporary and original recipes. It will take you as a reader—or a cook—on a journey to a place that has been known as America's last frontier for a glimpse of history and maybe a slice of key lime pie! The Pioneer Cook will be available in early December and is available only through the Boca Raton Historical Society and Museum. A great addition to cookbook collections! For more information go to


    The Adventures of Charlie Pierce: Charlie and the Tycoon

    When industrialist Henry Flagler arrived in Florida in the late 19th century, the state was a wild jungle with few people. But that would change quickly as Flagler built hotels and railroads down the Atlantic coast—with the help of teenaged Charlie Pierce. Along the way, Charlie and his family realize that building the future means saying good-bye to the Florida they knew and loved. This is the fifth book in this award winning series written by Harvey E. Oyer III. Just in time for holiday gift-giving, this book is available only through the author. For more information go to theadventuresofcharliepierce.com


    We do it right!





    Why publish with Middle River Press?

    I met with an author today who had been doing research and narrowing down the possible publishers for his book. 

    He was looking for a quality product, professional service and a relationship with someone he could count on to return his phone calls, respond to his e-mails, and answer his questions. He was looking for and found Middle River Press.

    Unlike big corporate custom publishers, when you work with Middle River Press, you work with me.  I develop a personal relationship with every one of my authors.  That relationship results in keeping your book, your story, your voice, but making it the best it can be.

    We are publishers, not an online book factory. All authors need help with their projects.

    All our books are designed and edited by talented professionals. Our quotes include everything. We don't charge extra for design, we don't use templates and we work with each author individually. We tell you exactly what your project needs and exactly what it will cost. 
    If you just need one of our services, we are happy to provide that as well.  We have editors, proofreaders, ghost writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and printers.

    Click on the links to the left for specifics about Middle River Press.  

    Judy Borich
    Middle River Press


    We do it right! Here's what some of our authors say: