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The First 84 Years

by Robert W. Ganger

This autobiography is written on doctor’s orders. After a lifetime of good health, the author suffered a serious brain stroke at age 80. His neurologist urged an intensive effort to recall and record life experiences as a practical recovery therapy.
Once underway, a greater purpose emerged. Bob and his wife, Anneli, have six grandchildren living all over the world. They are all relatively young. When they mature, it might be an interesting and useful experience to learn how their grandparents lived in the 20th and early 21st centuries.
On balance, the author is grateful for his good fortune, and generally proud of his accomplishments. Most of all, he is leading an enjoyable life. What more could one ask?
—Robert Ward Ganger
Robert W. Ganger is a retired corporate executive, business consultant, author, historian, public activist, and former Vice Mayor of his home town of Gulf Stream, Florida. He is an alumnus of Yale University and the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

The War Inside His Mind

by Y.M. Masson

In his first book, When Paris Was Dark we met Alain, a five-year-old child, living in Paris during the Nazi-occupation and learn of his story of fear and courage, despair and determination. WWII ends along with this first book, leaving Alain with new challenges in his adult life.

In Y.M. Masson’s newest book, The War Inside His Mind, A Soldier’s Battle to Erase the Emotional Damage of Combat, Alain, now an infantry lieutenant in the French Algerian war, learns the reality of combat but has to witness atrocities, many of which were directed at innocent children. Alain accumulates a heavy baggage of horrible memories he will have to take back to civilian life, if he makes it back alive.

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When Paris Was Dark

by W.M. Masson

When five-year-old Alain, a little boy living in Paris, is strafed by German planes at the onset of the German invasion in 1940, his world instantly turned on its head. His story — of fear and courage, despair and determination — is laced with the realism only an author who lived through the occupation himself can provide, bringing this bittersweet, beautifully rendered novel to vivid life.

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