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She’s not your average, everyday illegal alien…

by Ken Kaye

Geo Leon, reporter for a small South Florida newspaper, is having a quiet lunch in a park when a woman roars up on a motorcycle, grabs half his sandwich and kisses him.
That’s how he meets Gina Martinez, a rough-and-tumble biker chick who tells him she’s an illegal alien running from a Mexican drug cartel, a motorcycle gang and the Border Patrol. Good guy that he is, Geo allows her to seek refuge in his home.
Meanwhile, Geo investigates a mysterious space shuttle, which has landed at a remote Everglades airport. Although officials initially think it’s Russian, Geo learns the spacecraft is much more exotic than that.
It’s not long before Geo falls hard for Gina and offers to marry her to prevent her from being deported. But she wants a lot more than a wedding ring. She’ll end up taking Geo on an adventure that’s out of this world.
A fun, science fiction story!

A Personal Memoir

by H. Robert Koltnow

Why write your autobiography? Here is a wonderful reason, as stated by Bob Koltnow, who just published his life story with Middle River Press:
"I wanted to leave something of me for my four children, my four grandchildren, and those that come beyond. Those who knew me when I was young, are no longer with us. After all, I am 90. My wife, Carol, never knew me before I was 22, so this will reveal a good part of me to her. My children never knew me before I was 30 to 35, and this will tell them who I was and what I did in those early years. And, lastly, my grandchildren, only knew me after I was 60, so most of my life is unknown to them.
I am not world famous, so offering this book for commercial purposes was not my objective. I do believe, though, that I have had an interesting and adventurous life, and my story is worth telling."

The Sea I Saw

by Dr. Gil Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Join Gil Epstein as he explores the world’s reefs and oceans. Armed with a Nikon, Epstein captures stunning scenes from the Bahamas to Truk Lagoon.

There are a variety of subjects and techniques in the pictures within this book. Because of the spectrum absorption due to the density of water, a strobe or flash is crucial to bring out color, particularly at greater depths. Many photos in this book are taken without strobes and thus appear monochromatic but are beautiful nonetheless.