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Sea to Shining Sea

by Jim Reynolds

It was perhaps the last great adventure for two aviators in their mid-seventies; fly coast-to-coast in a 70-year-old airplane. Battling cancer that could end their journey at any moment and dodging violent storms they made their way across the breadth of the United States. Along the way they met extraordinary people who helped them on their way. This is a story of flying, family, faith and friends.

For over forty years Jim Reynolds has worked as a print and broadcast journalist. He is a licensed commercial pilot with multi-engine, instrument and seaplane ratings. Jim is a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the Old Farts Flying Club. He and his wife Karen, also a pilot, reside in rural Okeechobee, Florida. There is an airplane hangar in their backyard that leads to a grass runway. They make use of it every chance they get. Jim and Karen have three grown children and a 1946 Taylorcraft.

The third novel in the Demons of War Trilogy

by Y.M. Masson

After Alain’s journey to survive Nazi-occupied Paris, and his battle to erase the emotional trauma of combat, the civilian Alain has a difficult time eliminating from his mind the ever-present memories of the atrocities he witnessed during the war. In Never Give Up: A Man’s Fight to Heal His PTSD, twenty-five years have passed since his discharge from the military but the old infantry lieutenant still has troubles with his demons of hatred, anger, and guilt. A chance encounter with Cathy, one of his work colleagues, leads to a renewed effort to complete the healing. Revisiting Alain’s childhood life and trekking in the highlands of the Himalayas are part of the background as Cathy, with the help of the spirits of the mountains, leads the charge to slay the demons.
The fight is on.

This book is available from the author’s website https://www.ymmassonauthor.com and also on Amazon.com as well as any local bookstore.

The First 84 Years

by Robert W. Ganger

This autobiography is written on doctor’s orders. After a lifetime of good health, the author suffered a serious brain stroke at age 80. His neurologist urged an intensive effort to recall and record life experiences as a practical recovery therapy.
Once underway, a greater purpose emerged. Bob and his wife, Anneli, have six grandchildren living all over the world. They are all relatively young. When they mature, it might be an interesting and useful experience to learn how their grandparents lived in the 20th and early 21st centuries.
On balance, the author is grateful for his good fortune, and generally proud of his accomplishments. Most of all, he is leading an enjoyable life. What more could one ask?
—Robert Ward Ganger
Robert W. Ganger is a retired corporate executive, business consultant, author, historian, public activist, and former Vice Mayor of his home town of Gulf Stream, Florida. He is an alumnus of Yale University and the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Coming Soon

The Sea I Saw

by Dr. Gil Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Join Gil Epstein as he explores the world’s reefs and oceans. Armed with a Nikon, Epstein captures stunning scenes from the Bahamas to Truk Lagoon.

There are a variety of subjects and techniques in the pictures within this book. Because of the spectrum absorption due to the density of water, a strobe or flash is crucial to bring out color, particularly at greater depths. Many photos in this book are taken without strobes and thus appear monochromatic but are beautiful nonetheless.

What I Know About Fishing Southwest Florida

by Captain Rob Modys

Captain Rob Modys approaches fishing the waters of Southwest Florida with science instead of luck. What I Know About Fishing Southwest Florida is the culmination of his many years, days and hours on the water searching for gamefish along beaches, bays and those hidden places of Pine Island Sound, Matlacha Pass, Estero Bay and south through the Ten Thousand Islands.
A Southwest Florida charter captain and avid fisherman, Modys would spend close to 300 days a year on the water. When he wasn’t on the boat he was teaching students in structured weekly saltwater fishing classes for Collier County Schools Adult Education and Bass Pro Shops in Fort Myers. When he wasn’t teaching he could be found speaking at seminars for the Florida Sportsman Fishing Expos and serving as faculty for the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series. “The science slant alone is well worth the cost of the book. Add in everything else on scoring Southwest Florida’s key inshore species along with a smattering of stories and humor, and this book will prove hard to put down.” —George Poveromo, host of George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing
TO PREORDER YOUR COPY go to Captain Rob's website at https://whatiknowaboutfishing.com/