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by Robert H. Gore III

This manuscript, Lorellin, was discovered among the thousands of pages of written material left by my brother, Robert H. Gore III, PhD. There was no reference as to where it belonged or what the original purpose was intended to be. It languished while his other writings, Right Smart To Say, A Feastynge of Spyders, Songs From Solitude, The Gulf of Mexico, and The Wicked Old Witch of the Woods, went to press and were offered to the public. This document languished in the archives of my files, perhaps awaiting its time of fruition. If so, it now appears that the time has come. —Paul A. Gore

Pictured above, from the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Gore Nature Education Center on November 6, 2021, organized by Cypress Cove Landkeepers.

More great stories from Captain Rob!

by Captain Rob Modys

From the backwaters of the Ten Thousand Islands of
Florida to the Highlands of Scotland, Captain Rob Modys
has lived a somewhat nomadic life, traveling and fishing in
spots most people only dream about visiting.
Bridge to Paradise: Stories of Fishing, Travel, and Life is
a compilation of his adventures on the water and on the
road, along with the struggles and sometimes tragedies
of everyday life.
Modys has been writing short stories, logging fishing
trips, and keeping a journal for the past 25 years and
has finally put a good many of those stories in one place,
Bridge to Paradise.


by Ken Kaye

Marty Allen, veteran writer for a supermarket tabloid, is given a potentially explosive assignment: Investigate whether the vice president of the United States, a woman beloved by millions for her strength and integrity, appeared in adult videos while in college. Meanwhile, the VP must deal with a volatile international crisis, as China has aimed nuclear warheads at the United States, and the
elderly president is disabled by heart problems. Ultimately, Marty learns the truth, but not before the FBI and some hired muscle warn him to back off.

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