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Take a Kid Fishing

by Captain Rob Modys

Taking a kid fishing is important. It teaches them lifelong lessons about the great outdoors, conservation and sportsmanship. It introduces them to an abundance of wildlife, fascinating adventures and an endearing community of fishing friends. It solidifies a bond between parent and child that I believe can’t be underestimated. While on a fishing trip there are no outside distractions from the internet, video games and movies. It’s a time for conversation and bonding between you, the child and the great outdoors. Captain Rob Modys tells you how.

A THRILLER by Solange Ritchie

by Solange Ritchie

In the fourth novel in the Dr. Catherine (Cat) Powers series, top FBI forensic pathologist and special agent Dr. Cat Powers is called in as two Syrian-born bombers wreak havoc on “soft targets” in the United States. Starting with the New York Stock Exchange, these bombers are intent on causing as much murder and mayhem as they can. As their bombing spree takes them cross-country, Cat is appointed the eyes and ears to the president of the United States. Teamed with Special Ops and bombing expert Sam Patterson, Cat must figure out who these bombers are, what their motives are, who is funding them, and ultimately, if they can be caught. As the bombings become more violent and deadly, Cat and Sam are in a race against time to catch these savage killers before they kill again. Will they succeed or will the bombers avoid detection and escape?

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