Portraits of Patriots

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Portraits of Patriots

Vietnam Veterans’ Tales of Duty, Courage, and Honor

This book is not unique but the people in it are. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Their tales are heartwarming and heart breaking. These are death defying personal testimonies laced with humor. One such veteran, an Army Ranger, finds himself one of a hundred men on a training base with 10,000 WACs (Women's Army Corps). "You couldn’t buy a drink," He says. "Every night was 'Ladies Night'." A short time later he finds himself assigned to honor guard burial detail for the returning dead from Vietnam. All the while knowing he already had his orders to ship out to 'Nam. Sixty years in the making, many of these Vets are now sharing their personal stories for the first time to anyone. You are invited to share in their intimacies and their humanity and better understand this war and what these veterans endured for us and for their country.


Tom Keegan


John Bowen

Publication Date

November 11, 2021



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Portraits of Patriots