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My First 90 years

Why write your autobiography? Here is a wonderful reason, as stated by Bob Koltnow, who just published his life story with Middle River Press:
"I wanted to leave something of me for my four children, my four grandchildren, and those that come beyond. Those who knew me when I was young, are no longer with us. After all, I am 90. My wife, Carol, never knew me before I was 22, so this will reveal a good part of me to her. My children never knew me before I was 30 to 35, and this will tell them who I was and what I did in those early years. And, lastly, my grandchildren, only knew me after I was 60, so most of my life is unknown to them.
I am not world famous, so offering this book for commercial purposes was not my objective. I do believe, though, that I have had an interesting and adventurous life, and my story is worth telling."


H. Robert Koltnow

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