A Lifetime in the Blink of An Eye

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A Lifetime in the Blink of An Eye

Thirteen year old Mark Zagha was curious about his grandfather's life as an immigrant. Mark's curiosity turned into a family history book! You are never too young or too old to document your family story.
"I am sitting on my grandfather’s patio asking questions about his life. He was told throughout the years by many people to write a book about his life experiences. Most thought they were interesting and should be shared beyond his close friends.
I started typing his answers and thoughts as accurately as I could. It was a beautiful sunny day and the two of us enjoy each other’s company. My grandfather’s house is a beautiful spacious home with gorgeous large columns on the patio, flowers and palm trees all along the golf course. I was fascinated with how in-depth he remembered each moment of his life. With all of the information he was sharing we decided to write this book about his life. He titled his book A Lifetime in the Blink of an Eye: Goals, Determination and Will because that is how my grandfather lived his life. My grandfather also told me to remember 'opportunities today may not be available tomorrow.' That thought will stay with me forever."


Joel Frankel, MD, with Mark Zagha

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