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Back to the Berkshires

by Arthur Gilbert

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Have you ever wondered why you shot a particular photograph? Could it have been related to a time or event from your past imprinted in your subconscious memory?
In selecting the photos for this book, the author retrospectively realized that many of them reminded him of certain childhood experiences from summers spent in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. To take these photographs over the past 16 summers he used eleven different cameras, including Canon and Fujifilm DSLRs and four different iPhones. The subject of each photograph opened the door for him to research and record facts about its history.
This book is not about photographic technique nor is it a tutorial. This book is an eclectic composite of what visually pleased or excited him. What will inspire you?
ISBN 978-1-946886-35-4
Library of Congress Control Number 2022907404

Florida Heritage Kids

by George S. LeMieux and Laura E. Mize

Who are the Florida Heritage Kids? They are five extraordinary young people from Florida’s past who experienced some of the most exciting events in the state’s history. Through their eyes and their stories you will learn what it was like to live in Florida before there were thrilling theme parks in Orlando and rockets blasting into space from Kennedy Space Center. This is an this action-packed, fast-moving depiction of Sunshine State history that kids deserve to read.

Camp Ascension

by Rhett Landrum

Seven highly gifted sixth graders meet at Camp Ascension, a sleepaway camp in northeastern Florida. The campers soon become embroiled in an adventure which brings them closer together and exposes their other “gifts.” Marge has prophetic dreams. Chris filters his world as an emotional empath. David’s Asperger’s Syndrome and his eidetic memory make him an intellectual superhero. Along the way, they connect with mentors and advocates who begin to shape them into the incredible adults they will become. The gang of seven soon discovers that something extraordinary has united them. Is it merely a series of coincidences? Have their gifts drawn them to each other? They eventually uncover a group of local fraudsters. Using their intellectual and supernatural abilities, they work together to thwart these unscrupulous characters.