Judy Borich September 28, 2021

Michael Walker published a wonderful little book called Me & Groucho in 2014. It was on Amazon but had disappeared. Walker still had the rights and the files so he wanted to put it back up on Amazon as a Kindle book.

So we set up a KDP account for him and uploaded the text and cover files after making a few editorial suggestions.

Then we encouraged Mike to make it a print book.

TADA, print book right up along side of the ebook, both available now. Go here to get your copy!

Here is what Michael Walker says about Middle River Press:

Everyone says they want to write a book but it’s hard. What’s even harder is finding an audience for your book. That’s where Middle River Publishing comes in.                                   

Judy and Bruce edited my book, had several suggestions about print modifications, designed ads for me, set up my online account AND fixed a major problem I had with Amazon; all things that made my venture towards book sales so incredibly easy. 

If you plan to venture out into the treacherous waters of getting your book in shape and ready for the reading public, I strongly recommend  you contact Judy and Bruce at Middle River Publishing to help make your journey a smooth and enjoyable experience. 

Mike Walker


Michael Walker with a copy of Me & Groucho, a love story- a real one. Here is a brief description of this wonderful short story:

On a typically warm and sunny Christmas Day in Hollywood, Mike and Groucho find each other.  One is furry and scrawny, the other furry and hung over. Together they form the perfect team.

Me & Groucho is a touching, funny story about two souls tackling life like they are in a potato sack race, stumbling along but always at one another’s side.

This is a cosmic love story—a funny one—told by both Mike and Groucho.  A great addition to any kitty lover’s library!