Judy Borich March 23, 2021

We got a lot of feedback on our idea of writing about COVID-19 and some feedback was that authors/potential authors had stories, but not a whole book. Middle River Press has decided that we will produce a chapter book of stories – YOUR stories. We are inviting you to send us a word doc (2,500 words or less) as a suggested chapter for this book. We will choose 12 or 15 stories and publish COVID CHRONICLES; How We Survived 2020.

You will receive a free copy of this book including your chapter. After printing, all profits will go to the Broward County Humane Society. All ages invited! Get kids, grandkids and grandparents to write. Make it a family or school project. 

The deadline for this is Memorial Day, May 31, 2021. For those of you who need a little push, here is a first sentence:

The year 2020 wasn’t all bad, was it? YOUR STORY STARTS HERE.

Get started!  Once you begin to think about this, it will be easy! Bruce says he and Dizzy the Busy Dog are already talking about ideas…

Who’s in? Reply now to info@middleriverpress and let me know what you think!