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Fiona's Box

Marking Solange’s first foray in the Southern Gothic horror genre, Fiona’s Box tells the story of a bejeweled box haunted by a demon that is initially gifted to seven-year-old Fiona McClary by a great aunt. After Fiona goes on a killing spree, years later, the cursed box falls into the hands of teenaged Casey Willis in beautiful, historic, St. Augustine, Florida. As Casey opens the box, the demon is released to take over Casey’s mind, body, and soul. A local priest and a cardinal and another priest from the Vatican are called in to do battle for Casey’s soul and freedom. But the men of the cloth underestimate the demon’s power and it’s will to control everyone in its presence. This novel promises a shocking ending that will leave you wanting more as you read the last word.


Solange Ritchie

Publication Date

February 2023

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Fiona's Box